Exam Results

Our 2018  GCSE results are looking like our best ever. Initial highlights include:

  • In GCSE English, 40% secured a 7-9 grade, equivalent to the old A/A*.
  • In GCSE Maths, more than a third of students achieved a top 7-9 grade. 
  • Almost eight out of ten students secured a pass grade of 4 or higher in Maths and over 90% passed English at 4 or above.
  • Across all subjects, 35% of grades were 7-9 or A/A*.

Full details of our 2018 GCSE results can be found in the attachments below.

2017 results

Our 2017 GCSE results put us in the top 200 schools in the country. Highlights included 29% of grades being an A*/A or level 8/9, our Progress 8 score being +0.68 (well above average) and our Attainment 8 score of 53.9 points. 

Our 2017 Key Stage 4 ALPs grade (by which you measure student progress against the national picture) was a Level 2 = Outstanding. At A level, our ALPs grade was a Level 3 = Excellent; it’s been nearly a decade in which all our P16 ALPs grades have been “Outstanding or Excellent”. Throughout this time, we have maintained our comprehensive, inclusive ethos and are proud to cater for a wide variety of abilities with a range of courses at different levels. 

DFE Performance tables

Exam results and performance data for every state school can be found on the Department for Education's School Performance website (updated every January). You can view Greenford High School’s DFE performance data here. This includes our Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores alongside local authority and national averages. The 16-18 section of Greenford High School's DFE performance data can be found here

Student Progression

You can find key information such as the percentage of students who continue in education or training or who move into employment after Key Stage 4 on Greenford High School's DFE performance data page. For Key Stage 5, key information on progress in English and Maths, progress in individual qualification types and student destinations can be found in the 16-18 section of Greenford High School's DFE performance data page

View a detailed breakdown of our exam results for previous years below.