Exam Results

Please note that the government has announced that Summer 2020 results will not be published following the cancellation of exams due to Covid-19. Details of our previous results are available below. 

2019 results

Greenford High School’s validated GCSE Progress 8 score from Summer 2019 is 0.70 which places us 214th out of over 3700 State Secondary schools in the country, the top 4% nationally.

In particular, our core subject departments are among the very best nationally:

  • Our English department is in the top 1%
  • Our Maths department is in the top 1% 
  • Our Science department is in the top 6% 

In addition, our Languages and Humanities departments are in the top 10% nationally.

Validated results are published by the Department for Education (DfE) every January and the latest DFE figures can be found here. Further details for individual subjects and departments for Summer 2019 can be found in the attachment at the bottom of the page. The top-line figures are:

  • Progress 8 Score: +0.70
  • % of pupils getting a grade 5 or better in English and Maths: 64%
  • Attainment 8 Score: 54.2
  • EBacc Average Points Score: 4.97
  • % of pupils entering the EBacc: 52%
  • % of pupils staying in education or going to employment: 91%

DFE Performance tables

Exam results and performance data for every state school can be found on the Department for Education's School Performance website (updated every January).

You can view Greenford High School’s DfE published performance data for progress 8, attainment 8, strong passes in English and Maths and the English Baccalaureate here. This also places our scores on these measures alongside local authority and national averages.

The 16-18 section of Greenford High School's DfE performance data can be found here. The top-line figures for Post-16 are:

  • Post-16 Progress Score: -0.03
  • Attainment Points: 32.61
  • English Progress: SUPP
  • Maths Progress: +0.19
  • Destinations: 83% students progress to education or employment 

Results by subject

View a detailed breakdown of our exam results for previous years in individual subjects in the attachments below.