Year 11: A message from Ms John

Our Head of Year 11 Ms John has written a letter to her year group.

To my lovely Year 11s,

Well this was not quite the ending that any of us were expecting. I write this with a heavy heart as if I'm honest, I feel like we have been robbed.

I know how hard you have all been working and are upset that you will not be able to sit your GCSEs in the Summer. I told you on more than one occasion that I believed in you and was confident that you would get the best GCSE results Greenford High School had ever seen. I know if you were able to sit your exams, you would have done so well.

I know there are still so many questions in terms of what happens next but please do check the school website for more information as we are updating it regularly.

It has been a pleasure being your Head of Year for the last 4 years. You have made me laugh, cry and driven me nuts at times (okay most of the time!) but it has been 100% worth it as I honestly couldn't have asked for a better year group.

I have loved coming into your lessons and seeing the joy on your faces when you have proudly showed me your grades. The banter you have had with your teachers and each other. The times when I have made some of you – literally – jump out of your seat when you have turned around and saw me standing behind you and I hear those words, 'Miss! You scared me!'

I really hope we will get the opportunity to give you a proper send off, even if it is on a slightly smaller scale than usual. Especially as so many of you were absent for the last few days and we didn't get to say goodbye. Mr Dhindsa and I will put the Yearbook together, it is important to us that you do have something to capture the memories of the last five years.

Year 11s, if Friday 20th March 2020 does not prove to be our final goodbye and we school reopens, I will be saying all of this (and maybe a little more!) again. If it is, though, I want you to know that all of you are very special. I may have been tough on you but it was because I believed in you and saw your potential. For the times I didn't always get things right, thank you for giving me the grace to do better the next time.

I wish each and every one of you the very best for the future. Continue to work hard and remember to treat others how you want to be treated. To those of you who will be staying on to Year 12, come and say hello! To those of you who will go on to pastures new, make sure you come back and visit. You may have left but you will most definitely never be forgotten.

Love always,

Ms John

Head of Year 11 
Class of 2020