Sports Day 2021 for Year 7 and 8

Our annual Greenford High School Sports Day will be running slightly differently this year, due to government restrictions regarding Covid-19.

We have adapted our Sports Day, and it will now take place at Greenford High School, for all pupils in Years 7 and 8, over two separate days.

  • Year 7 will have their Sports Day on Tuesday 20th July.
  • Year 8 will have their Sports Day on Monday 19th July.

Pupils will be expected to come to school for the usual time of 8:30am and the day will end at the usual time.

During the day, your child will be participating in some athletic and team events, as well as watching and cheering on their fellow pupils. The Sports Days have been organised so that pupils will remain in their forms and will be kept in their usual bubbles. A reminder that this day is a compulsory school day and every pupil in years 7 and 8, is expected to be there for the whole day.

Pupils will be allowed to wear a piece of ‘sporty clothing,’ that correlates with a chosen colour for their form.

  • G: Green.
  • T: Red
  • W: Yellow
  • M: Blue.

For example, 8T1 have the option of wearing something red to school on their allocated Sports Day.

Pupils should also take the weather into account: if the weather is sunny, pupils should bring sun-cream, plenty of water and a hat. Likewise, if the weather/forecast is cold or wet, please bring the appropriate clothing/items, e.g. waterproof jacket.

Further details can be found in the letter attached below.