Year 11 Parents’ Evening postponed

Due to the School Cloud website crashing we have had to postpone Year 11 Parents' Evening on Thursday 14 January.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and we will reschedule the event as soon as possible. 

Headteacher Mia Pye has written to parents with further details. The letter is attached below.

School Cloud co-founder Marcus Fields provided the following statement: “SchoolCloud provides parents’ evening software to over 5,000 schools, and experienced an outage on 14th January affecting the parents & teachers accessing video calls at that time. An update to the system in December caused a web page to perform slowly and this ultimately took the system offline. This wasn’t up to the high standard of service that schools expect of us, nor that we expect of ourselves. We have already made changes, and continue to take further steps to ensure that you can continue to enjoy this new format of parents’ evenings.”