Applying to University

We are proud to send over 200 students to university every year and know what a life-changing impact this can have. Around half typically attend either a Sutton Trust 30 or Russell Group university and destinations include prestigious American institutions such as Harvard and Pomona College California as well as elite UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and King's College London. Greenford students are also studying in their numbers at Surrey, Warwick, Manchester and Nottingham, to name just a few. 

Applying to University

University applications in the UK are made through UCAS and students are supported through every stage of the process by our experienced team. 

Application Timeline: Year 12

Initial advice on applying to university is provided through Advanced Entitlement classes - an option every Key Stage 5 student takes at Greenford. This includes recommended reading, lecture opportunities, an introduction to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and how to make the most of the school's resources such as ULAS. As the year progresses, students are encouraged to apply for summer schools and taster courses, explore opportunities for scholarships with American universities and start narrowing down their potential courses to study at degree level. 

In the summer term, students are taken off timetable for two days to start the UCAS application process and attend the Higher Education and Apprenticeships fair at Greenford Hall. This is a brilliant opportunity to meet representatives from universities and apprenticeship providers from across the UK. In addition, the first UCAS advice evening for parents is held.

Application Timeline: Year 13

Students complete UCAS applications in the Autumn term of Year 13. This involves selecting five courses to apply for, completing the UCAS application form and writing a personal statement. A further UCAS advice drop-in session is held for parents.





Greenford Record of Achievement (GRA) is a bespoke support service that prepares students for the gigantic leap from school or college to university and school leaver employment. It showcases post-16 and post-18 opportunities covering university, apprenticeship and sponsored degree pathways.

Students can record learning experiences and achievements in one place, making their applications stand out, develop employability by recording key soft skill examples and publish CVs and apply for work experience opportunities. Students can also use GRA to create an excellent personal statement with the unique personal statement builder.