Assessment and Reporting

Students receive three reports from the school during the course of the year. We request that parents invest time discussing each report with their child to celebrate the positive achievements and identify any areas for improvement. We have colour coded the reports to make it easier to understand them.

A Guide to Student Progress Reports

This is positive and deserves praise. This should help your child to achieve.

This is concerning and if not dealt with now could get limit future achievement.

This is a serious cause for concern and needs to be addressed immediately otherwise this will adversely affect your child’s achievement.

Things to look for in the reports

We expect all of our students to have attendance rates between 96% - 100%. If your child’s attendance is below 96%, please consider what you can do to improve this. There is a direct link between attendance and achievement.

Achievement Points
When students do well in class or around the school they will be awarded achievement points, we like to keep parents informed how many points your child has been awarded so you can encourage them to get some more but also so that you can reward your child.

Behaviour Points
We also give students behaviour points when they fail to meet expectations. It is really important that you monitor the number of behaviour points your child has and discuss this with them.

Target Grades
This is what your child could achieve in each subject based on prior data. Target grades are only a benchmark; we expect all of our students to meet and most to exceed their target grades.

Attainment Grades
This is the grade your child has performed at over the last half term. This is based on GCSE grades. They key here is to compare the attainment grade to the target grade and look for progress from one report to another.

Attitude to Learning
This summarises your child’s effort in each subject. The attitude to learning also encompasses their behaviour and how they work in and outside of class. Excellent and good mean that your child is working hard and has a very positive attitude to learning. On the other hand, requires improvement and very poor are serious concerns.

Behaviour and Homework Concerns
We have very high expectations with regards to homework and behaviour, we assume that all our students have good behaviour in lessons and always complete their homework to a good standard. If there is a problem with either behaviour or homework, teachers in that subject will put a B and/or H next to the attitude to learning level. This is very serious because it means that your child is misbehaving in lessons and/or there is a problem with homework, both of which will have a direct impact on their achievement.