Governing Body Structure

The structure of the Governing Body is established in a document called “The Instrument of Government” which sets out things like:

  • The name of the School
  • The name of the Governing Body
  • The make-up of the Governing body which in our case is:
    • 3 Parent Governors
    • 1 Local Authority Governor
    • 2 Staff Governors including the Headteacher
    • 10 Co-opted Governors
    • 2 Partnership Governors
  • How long each Governor will serve for which in our case is 4 years

In addition to the Full Governing Body which all Governors sit on, there are 2 main committees:

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee is chaired by Ian Coventry and its primary focus is to draw up and present to the Governing Body for approval an annual budget reflecting priorities identified through School self evaluation and set out in the School Improvement Plan.

They also help develop medium and longer term financial plans for the School, reflecting School priorities including roll projection, staffing plans and plans relating to the repair, maintenance and development of premises, and to recommend action on these plans to the Governing Body.

Students Committee

The Students Committee is chaired by Jags Sanghera and its primary focus is to advise the Governing Body on the School’s Curriculum Policy and its statutory obligations regarding the curriculum.

  • To ensure that a balanced curriculum is maintained.
  • To monitor and evaluate the delivery of the curriculum.
  • To review, approve and monitor the implementation of policies for curriculum areas, special educational needs, collective worship, race equality and student behaviour/discipline.
  • To recommend to the Governing Body annual statutory and non-statutory student performance targets and monitor and review progress.

In addition, there are also ad-hoc committees which deal with Appeals, Pay and more.