Medical and Welfare

Greenford High School has an experienced Welfare Officer stationed in the Welfare Office, who works closely with both our Pastoral and Child Protection Teams to ensure the health and welfare of our pupils in all year groups.

Should students feel unwell during the school day, they should, in the first instance, visit the Welfare Office in A Block, and, if necessary, the Welfare Officer will contact the parent or carer. Students should not contact home directly.

Individual Healthcare Plans

If your child has the need for any medication that needs to be taken at school, or an existing medical condition that we should know about, they must have an up to date Health Plan on our records at school. Any medication that needs to be kept in school must be in date and clearly labelled. Any student who is prescribed an epipen must have a spare one kept in the Welfare Office for emergency use. We also recommend that a spare asthma inhaler is stored in the Welfare Office for students requiring one.

Please keep our Welfare Officer informed of any medical issues that may affect a pupil while they are at school, or any changes in your child’s condition. You can fill in this online Individual Healthcare Plan form to provide the information we require or contact us to provide an update if anything changes. 

We also work with the School Nurse team, who will visit the school if we feel there is a need, and can talk to students about a number of issues. If you would like to be put in touch with a school nurse, please contact the school for the team’s details.

Find out more

You can find out more about some of the conditions outlined above through the NHS website: