Mission Statement

The Headteacher, Staff, Students and Governors came together to work on a mission statement and school motto to sum up Greenford High School's ethos and values.

We are proud to define our motto as: "Learning to Succeed."

For us, learning was the key word. We felt that the motto was a powerful one and allowed multiple interpretations: we are learning how to succeed; learning leads to success; that this is the most important single function of the school.

Learning to succeed is what Greenford High School is about: a love of learning; the motivation to succeed.  Our aim is for students to fulfil their limitless potential – through perseverance and effort. Excellence, in the words of Aristotle, is not an act but a habit. We don’t select our students, but we do select our staff. Each highly trained teacher is here to support, guide, inspire our students so that whatever their starting point when they arrive, they leave with the world at their feet – equipped and ready to continue their learning through apprenticeships, at university and throughout their careers. We aim to provide the best opportunities – academic, cultural and sporting - and a sense of moral and social responsibility so that each child realises that humanity is their business and the common good their aim.

Our Mission Statement is designed to create and express our sense of moral purpose, touching on all the things which are important for us. It is a genuine, sincere statement of belief.