School Meals

Students need to be eating good food regularly to make the most of their learning. At Greenford High School, we use cashless catering so students do not need to carry cash. Parents can top up their child’s account online using Parent Pay at any time. Find out more about school meals at Greenford below.

Free school meals

Entitlement to free school meals is handled by the local authority Ealing Council. You can find free school meals eligibility criteria on the Ealing Council website here.

You can then apply for free school meals through this area on the Ealing Council website.

Our school operates a cashless automated system in the canteen. The daily allowance of £2.30 is automatically allocated to the student’s meal account at school while the student remains anonymous, i.e. other students will not know who is receiving Free School Meals.

Allergens and special diets

Our caterers, Chartwells, have a range of policies and procedures for students with allergies or special diets. You can find more information regarding this in the attachments below.