We don’t select our students, but we do select our staff. Each highly trained staff member is here to support, guide and inspire our students so that whatever their starting point when they arrive, they leave with the world at their feet.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr M Cramer

  • Mr P Manby

    Senior Deputy Head
  • Ms A Johal

    Deputy Head
  • Ms L Grimley

    Associate Deputy Head
  • Mr A Bush

    Assistant Head - Key Stage 4
  • Mr J Dudman-Jones

    Assistant Head - Post 16
  • Ms K McCarthy

    Assistant Head - Learning and Teaching
  • Ms G Nayyar

    Assistant Head - ARP & SEN
  • Mr M Harvey

    Assistant Head - Behaviour
  • Mr N Laryea

    Assistant Head - Behaviour
  • Ms C O'Callaghan

    School Business Manager
  • Mr P Mather

    Head of Training & Staff Development

Heads of Department & Subject Leaders

  • Ms G Pawelko

    Head of Art
  • Mr A Newall

    Head of Biology
  • Ms H Judson

    Head of Business & Economics
  • Ms C Haines

    Head of Chemistry
  • Ms M Popovic

    Head of EAL
  • Ms J Humphries

    Head of English
  • Ms C Tremain

    Head of French
  • Ms A Ali

    Head of Geography
  • Mr D Clare

    Head of German
  • Ms M Leonard

    Head of Health and Social Care
  • Mr E Waterhouse

    Head of History
  • Mr D Smith

    Head of ICT
  • Ms A Phull

    Head of Maths
  • Mr W Halsey

    Head of Media & Communications
  • Mrs O Geagea

    Head of MFL
  • Mr D Oag

    Head of Music
  • Mr D Patel

    Head of PE
  • Mr I Lall

    Head of Physics
  • Ms S Khan

    Head of Psychology
  • Ms R Bharadva

    Head of RE
  • Mr A Rugg

    Head of Science
  • Ms J Leaver-Cole

    Head of Sociology
  • Mr D Siskin

    Head of Spanish
  • Ms S Hirani

    Head of Visual and Performing Arts

Year Teams

  • Ms N Adhami

    Head of Year 7
  • Mr J Levitt

    Deputy Head of Year 7
  • Mr R Lewis

    Head of Year 8
  • Mrs S Divers

    Deputy Head of Year 8
  • Mr J Matthews

    Head of Year 9
  • Ms S Hughes

    Deputy Head of Year 9
  • Ms A John

    Head of Year 10
  • Mr R Dhindsa

    Deputy Head of Year 10
  • Ms S Nicols

    Head of Year 11
  • Mr A Day

    Deputy Head of Year 11