The i-Block

Greenford High School opened a new purpose-built £9m building for Year 7 students in September 2018.

The i-Block signifies a new era in Greenford High School’s 78 year history. Developed in collaboration with parents, primary schools and local residents, the expansion means we can now offer a wonderful education to 300 students every year from September 2018.

The philosophy of i-Block will use the existing expertise that has enabled us to achieve outstanding results but also take advantage of the opportunities that a bespoke block for our younger years brings.


The new i-Block gives us the opportunity to embed the ethos, systems and learning and teaching that have enabled Greenford to deliver outstanding results over the last decade whilst giving us the opportunity to innovate for a new generation of students. We are transforming the way we work at Key Stage 3 to ensure that our students are able to develop the key skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of challenging new qualifications as well as secure their employability in the global market place.


We will continue to inspire our students so they are fully engaged with their learning journey as they strive for academic excellence. Through engaging lessons and an innovative approach to learning and teaching we want our students to be inspired by the challenges they face. 


We believe in developing a new generation of independent learners and thinkers that will strive for academic excellence and success.