School closure: student work

Work for students to complete at home can be found on our school closure website

Following the government’s announcement that schools will be closed until further notice, Greenford High School is producing work for every subject that students can complete at home. Teachers are in regular contact with students via email or Google Classroom and details of this can be found on our School Closure website:

Where possible, we recommend students work following their regular school timetable which is available in their contact book. However, we understand that all circumstances will be different and students may need to work at other times of the day. The most important thing is that students complete some work for each subject each week and communicate any issues with their teachers via email.

Students should check their school email daily and are encouraged to remain in regular contact with their teachers using this method or via Google Classroom. Please note that email cannot be used to send large attachments or files.

Many subjects use Google Classroom, blogs or other e-learning platforms and details can be found on the school closure website. Please note to access Google Classroom or documents on Google Drive students will need to log in to Google using their school login details (full school email address followed by school password).

In addition, the government has collated a range of online resources for studying from home across all ages and a variety of subjects.

We have also put together a range of resources to help manage anxiety.

Finally, details on the government’s plans to manage exams for Year 11 and Year 13 students can be found here.