Post 16 Alumni

Find out more about studying at Greenford High School Post-16 from three of our recent alumni below.

Amy Asani 

Amy Asani joined the Sixth Form in September 2018, selecting A-Levels in: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and English Literature (completing her Maths A-Level in one year). During her time in Sixth Form:

  • In Year 12, Amy became a Mathematics and Physics mentor for GCSE students.
  • She took part and competed as a lawyer in the Bar Mock Trials.
  • Amy was selected for the school’s Go-kart team and joined the Philosophy society.
  • During the summer at the end of Year 12, she attended a summer school at St John’s College, Oxford University.
  • At the beginning of year 13, Amy undertook the role of Head Girl and co-led the year 11 stress mentor scheme.

Amy achieved: A*A*A*A in her A-levels and, in 2020, went to study Engineering at the University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall.

Amy on Greenford:

Greenford High School has always been a place of comfort and security for me. From the staff to the students, the relationships I have made there will never be forgotten. Aside from the natural stress and pressure of exams, my time at the school has been filled with constant laughter and joy. The opportunities that were available to me within and outside my studies were endless. I have made amazing memories and learnt so much - GHS has truly helped me evolve and grow into the person I am today. Words cannot describe how much I will miss the school and everyone in it.


Manreet Jassal 

Manreet Jassal​​​​​​ joined the Sixth Form in September 2018, selecting A-Levels in: Mathematics, Chemistry and Geography. During his time in Sixth Form:

  • In Year 12, Manreet attended Oxford’s Summer school, UNIQ, where he found his passion in Earth Sciences.
  • Manreet furthered his career in RAFAC and achieved the highest rank that he could attain as a cadet, Cadet Warrant Officer
  • Achieved the Jack Petchey award for being an outstanding young person in the RAFAC.
  • In Year 13, Manreet had university interviews at the University of Oxford and Imperial College London; he successfully passed both.

Manreet achieved: AAA in his A-levels. He took a gap year, working as an academic tutor, and then in September 2021 began studying Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Manreet on Greenford:

Greenford High School was my home for my teenage life and will always be dear to my heart. I have learnt a plethora of lessons both within the classroom as well as general life, highlighting that Greenford is more than just a school. The work of teachers as well as like-minded students inspired me throughout my academic career at the school, allowing me to access the prestigious university that I will be going on to attend - Oxford. I will forever be indebted to the teachers and students within the school for the continuous support and bringing the best out of myself as both an academic and, ultimately, a person.


Sandeep Dhillon 

Sandeep Dhillon joined the Sixth Form in September 2018, selecting A-Levels in: English Literature, History and Government & Politics. During her time in Sixth Form:

  • During Year 12, Sandeep successfully completed the Pathways to Law programme.
  • Sandeep was a member of Philosophy Society.
  • She competed in the Bar Mock Trials.
  • She became an in-class assistant and was a mental wellbeing mentor for the year 11 students. 
  • During this time, outside of Greenford, Sandeep undertook work experience at DLA Piper Global Law Firm and joined their Head Start Scheme.
  • Sandeep also volunteered weekly at her local Home Instead Care Home. 
  • In Year 13, Sandeep successfully ran the Stress Less Mental Wellbeing scheme. 

Sandeep achieved: AAA in her A-levels and, in 2020, went to study Law at the University of Warwick.

Sandeep on Greenford:

Greenford High School will always be special to me, it was a place where I was constantly inspired and supported to become the best version of myself. I was continuously guided throughout my academic journey by my teachers and I was also encouraged to explore beyond my studies. I will never be able to truly thank my teachers for all the support they have given me throughout my 7 years at Greenford however, I hope to continue to make them proud as I move on to the next stage of my life.