Year 8 student work

Year 8 subject work, links and resources can be found below. Students are encouraged to work following their school timetable wherever possible.

All Year 8 students should be reading fiction or non-fiction every day and a wide variety of resources are available on BBC Bitesize.

Digital book subscription available

Renaissance myON® Reader is a student-centred, personalised literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books. All Greenford students have been enrolled in myON Reader and have been emailed their login details by Ms Hetherington. You can login to myON Reader here.


Topics: H.R Giger and Portraiture; Architecture-Art Deco

Students have been building on skills developed in year 7 focussing particularly on tone and form.

See ‘30 drawings list’ activity on google classroom. Instructions in document

  • Google classroom code: tflxdzv
  • Students can complete both homeworks on A3 or 2 x A4 pieces of paper which are on google classroom. Instructions and guidelines are given on google classroom.
  • Please see ‘Art and design skills’ area.



Computer Systems II

Understanding programming (using Python)

  • Resources on Google classroom:
  • Tutorials (video and paper based)
  • Class exercises (Google Docs)



Google classroom code: xx6j2cb


Poetry booklet

  • Annotate poems for language and structure (Presents from my Aunt, Stealing, Nettles, Medusa)

Creative writing

  • Use the poems to do a piece of narrative or descriptive writing. Key themes: identity, culture, growing up, family, revenge, bravery.
  • Non-fiction reading: Read one online article from The Guardian per lesson, either annotate (language) or make your own comprehension questions. What is the overall view of the article?

Reading activities

Skills builder booklet


3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3 – Sports and freetime Students should check googleclassroom for booklets and powerpoints uploaded from their teachers for support. Students complete vocab learning of 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3



Students practise the sport topic using unité 10. Students complete assignments independently or those set by their teachers on sports and freetime and other grammar points.


Weather and Hazards

Answer the following questions by drawing diagrams, drawing graphs or maps and taking notes.  Your answer to each question should be half an A4 page. Write each question as a subheading.  If you have completed some of these questions in lesson already- move onto the next question.


  1. What is the difference between weather and climate?
  2. What is the water cycle?
  3. What are the causes of precipitation?
    -Relief rainfall
    -Convectional rainfall
    -Frontal rainfall
  4. What causes High and Low Pressure?
  5. What is global atmospheric circulation- what happens at the Ferrel, Hadley and Polar cells?
  6. What causes tropical Storms (also called hurricane, typhoon or cyclone) and how are they spread around the world?
  7. What are the effects of a tropical storm?
  8. How can countries respond to a tropical storm?
  9. What are the causes of desertification?
  10. What impacts does desertification have socially, economically and environmentally?
  11. What are the solutions to desertification?

Links, Resource & Suggestions,Climate/Rainfall%20types/types_of_precipitation.htm



Unit 3 'After school activities' Students should check googleclassroom for set tasks, booklets and PowerPoints uploaded. There are also links to Quizlet for learning/practising vocab for Unit 3. Students complete assignments independently or those set by their teachers on after school activities and other grammar points.



Greenford’s WW1 Local History

GHS Yr8 History

Google Classroom - Class code = fsedkzs

  • Investigate the experiences of Greenford citizens during WW1



Powers and Roots

Powers of 10, standard form, powers and operations, indices and surds.


Position-to-term rules, patterns and sequences, quadratic sequences, geometric sequences and recursive sequences.

Ratio and Proportion

Fractions and proportion, ratio and proportion, proportionality, proportion and scale, proportional reasoning, comparing proportion, algebra and proportion

Measures, Perimeter and Area

Units of measure, converting between units, area and perimeter of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and trapezium, circumference of circles, area of circles, surface area of cuboids and volumes of cuboids





Elements of music

VIP Studio Students have their logon details and can work on compositions using a computer at home.

Google classroom Students will have access to work posted on Google classroom.

Students should check the classroom during their timetabled lesson times for instructions of work to be completed.

BBC Bitesize – KS3 Music General resources relating to KS3 music.

Physical Education

Latest news in Sport

Quizzes on the sport you are learning, or a sport that interests you

Use your revision sheets to learn theory content and test yourself on bbc Bitesize

Work out video for abs and whole body - youtube

Religious Education

Life After Death

  1. What are your beliefs about the afterlife? What have your beliefs been influenced by?
  2. What evidence is there for and against the existence of the afterlife?
  3. Use the following links to read/watch the key beliefs about the afterlife within Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Judaism:
  4. Write down 3-5 key points about what each religion believes about the afterlife.
  5. Comparison – what is similar and different about the different religious beliefs? Present your comparison as a Venn diagram or a table.
  6. Evaluation – do religious beliefs about the afterlife prove that the afterlife exists? Present arguments to agree and disagree with this question.



Earth and Climate


Google Classroom codes should have been sent via email by your Science teacher, if this is not the case please email your Science teacher directly.

Links on Google classroom on Earth and Climate:


Links on Google classroom on Interdependence: 

  • Revision mats for both topics 

  • Educake tests for both topics 

Homework menu for a task on Earth and Climate



Claro 1

5.6: Describing how areas have changed over time

5.7: Past tense reinforcement Students should check Google Classroom for booklets and PowerPoints uploaded from their teachers for support.  Students complete vocab learning of all of unit  5 vocabulary, students have paper copies in their books.

5.5 En la ciudad o en el campo:

5.6 Mi barrio con nostalgia: Students complete assignments independently on or those set by their teachers on local area and other grammar points.