Year 9 student work

Year 9 subject work, links and resources can be found below. Students are encouraged to work following their school timetable wherever possible.

We recommend students particularly focus on RE revision and exam practice with their GCSE in RE in mind.

After that, they should prioritise English, Maths and Science, followed by their other subjects.

In addition to the work and resources below, students can access a range of online resources on our E-Learning page.

All Year 9 students should also be reading fiction or non-fiction every day, where possible, to extend their learning and vocabulary. 

Digital book subscription available

Renaissance myON® Reader is a student-centred, personalised literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books. All Greenford students have been enrolled in myON Reader and have been emailed their login details by Ms Hetherington. You can login to myON Reader here.


Art & Photography

GCSE Art Year 1

Component 1: ‘Ordinary and/or Extraordinary’

Students have been researching and exploring their first three artists for component 1.

See timetable of study document stuck into back/inside cover of A3 sketchbooks.

Complete all artist research and mimics.

Take photos in response to artist 3 and produce a double page of drawings in colour pencil, pen  or watercolour (from own photos taken. Please do not use secondary sources).


Business Studies

GCSE Business Year 1

  • Work through GCSE Revision Workbook Theme 1
  • Complete Key terms booklet

Links, Resource & Suggestions

See resources posted on Google Classroom

Edexcel Revision Guide 

Edexcel Revision Workbook

GCSE Bitesize:




CACHE Childcare

  • Complete all sections of D4 and amend any corrections.
  • Start making notes and working on the ‘Transitions’ section

Links, Resource & Suggestions

See resources posted on Google Classroom


Computer SCIENCE 

GCSE Computer Science Year 1

Resources on Google classroom
Tutorials (video and paper based)
Class exercises (Google Docs)


Design and Technology

GCSE DT Year 1



GCSE Drama Year 1

Google Classroom code: gucej6w



GCSE Economics Year 1

See resources posted on Google Classroom

English Language & Literature

War Poetry: Power and Conflict poetry
Students are in the middle of studying their Power and Conflict war poems. They have been approaching poems using SIT LIST.

Use their War Poetry pack and re-read the poems.
Students should complete the revision pack created for this unit:
War poetry pack link:

Links to help students:

War Photographer:
Charge of the Light Brigade:
Bayonet Charge:




GCSE French Year 1

3.1 and 3.2 - Free Time : Students should check googleclassroom for booklets and powerpoints uploaded from their teachers for support. : Students complete assignments independently or those set by their teachers on freetime and other grammar points. Students revise AQA vocab prescribed lists 

AQA French New Spec – Freetime activities -
Students practise food and drink as well as talking about sports using unité 9 et 10. They can also use this platform to revise grammar points.



GCSE Geography Year 1

Developing/Emerging Case Study: Ensure you have clear notes in your book and understanding for each of the following points about your case study of Mumbai. 

Answer each question in bullet points into your book- The answer to each question should be half an A4 page
1.What is the context of Mumbai?
2.What are the structural and functional characteristics of Mumbai?
3.What have been the patterns of population growth and decline in Mumbai?
4.What are the causes  (push and pull factors) of migration in Mumbai?
5.What are the impacts of migration into Mumbai (social, economic, environmental)?
6.How has economic change (becoming wealthier) over time in Mumbai impacted on quality of life and caused inequality?
7.What are the effects of Mumbai’s rapid urbanisation (formation of slums such as Dharavi- give detail)?
8.What are the advantages and disadvantages of top down and bottom up development strategies in Mumbai (SPARC toilet scheme, ?
9.How are government strategies improving Quality of Life in Mumbai (redeveloping Dharavi)??

Ecosystems: Research and have clear notes, maps, graphs and diagrams to answer the following questions.  Your notes should be half an A4 page. Subtitle your notes with the following headings:-
1.What is the distribution and characteristics of the  large scale ecosystems?
2.How does the biosphere provide resources?
3.How is it exploited?
4.What are the terrestrial ecosystems in the UK?
5.How are the UKs marine ecosystems a resource which is exploited? (use the following pages too) (including following pages on Mumbai) (This is a sample plan from the Edexcel exam board which you can use to find links and factual information for your notes) (good factual information- do not use last page) 



GCSE German Year 1

Topic 4 Festivals and Customs : Students should check googleclassroom for set tasks, booklets and powerpoints uploaded.

There are also links to Quizlet for learning/practising vocab. : Students complete vocab learning of Unit 4 Free festivals and via the links in Googleclassroom. ​​​ : Students complete assignments independently or those set by their teachers on topic 4 Festivals and Customs but also to revise Topics 1 – 3 to keep vocab in the memory. 



GCSE History Year 1
Crime and Punishment through time
Henry VIII and his Ministers
  • Booklets full of Exam questions and knowledge tests/activities
  • PiXL app
  • Revision guides
  • Students should ensure they learn any content/topics we are due to cover next in class (as of 10/3 this Catharine of Aragon and the succession, Henry and Anne Boleyn, Wolsey and Henry’s “great matter”- the annulment).


Information Technologies R012 Year 1

See Google classroom for exercise and questions 
Read the textbook and answer questions at the end of the chapters 



Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Fractions and percentages, calculations with fractions, fractions, decimals and percentages

Working in 2D

Measuring lengths, area of 2D shapes and transformations

Formulae and Functions

Formulae, functions, equivalences in algebra, expanding and factorising quadratics



Media Studies

GCSE Media Year 1

GCSE Media work is emailed to all students every Monday to be completed at a convenient time during the week. Unless otherwise stated, the work is due for the following Monday.

All GCSE Media notes, tasks and resources can be found on our blog:



Music VCert Year 1

Unit 2 – Musical styles

VIP Studio
Students have their logon details and can work on compositions using a computer at home.

Google classroom
Students will have access to work posted on Google classroom.
All students would be expected to check the classroom daily for updates.

BBC Bitesize – KS4 Music technology
General resources relating to music technology.



GCSE Photography Year 1

Component 1: ‘Ordinary and/or Extraordinary’


Physical Education


  • Latest news in Sport
  • Quizzes on the sport you are learning, or a sport that interests you.
  • Revision guide for GCSE PE
  • Use bitesize and GCSE Pod to learn and revise theory content for GCSE PE, use you revision guide and books to help make revision notes/mind maps

  • Work out video for abs and whole body - youtube



GCSE Psychology Year 1


  • Take notes on the lessons that are on Google Classroom
  • Also answer the key questions on Google Classroom

Students already have access to an electronic text book on Google Classroom.  This should support learning.
Use the text book and lesson Powerpoints that uploaded onto Google Classroom to take notes. 

For Miss Hobbiger's class, please see Google Classroom for up-to-date work.

Links, Resource & Suggestions

Also available on Amazon:

An additional resource if you can purchase it is the revision guide:


Religious Education


Crime and Punishment

  • Use the revision booklet to complete the pages in the crime and punishment work booklet.

General revision

  • Use the revision booklet to continue with your revision for the upcoming GCSE – make notes, flashcards, and revision posters. Answer questions in the revision booklet for the different topics so you get exam practice. Where possible, take a picture of any questions that you have answered and email them to your teacher to mark.



GCSE Cells (First topic of biology)

All work and links can be found on google classroom:

Google Classroom codes should have been sent via email by your Science teacher, if this is not the case please email your Science teacher directly.

If you cannot access google classroom:
Revise the topic, make flashcards, create revision summary sheets + complete exam questions to practice. 

Websites to support:  



GCSE Spanish Year 1

3.1 and 3.2 - AQA GCSE Free Time Students should check googleclassroom for booklets and powerpoints uploaded from their teachers for support. Students revise AQA vocab prescribed lists 

GHS Spanish AQA GCSE 3.1 Vocabulary: Music, Cinema and TV

GHS Spanish AQA GCSE 3.2 Vocabulary: Food and eating out
Students practise food and drink as well as talking about sports using unidad  9 y 10. They can also use this platform to revise grammar points. : Students complete assignments independently on or those set by their teachers on free time and other grammar points.