Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

In January 2021 the government announced that exams and assessments could not be held fairly in Summer 2021 as a result of the disruption students have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, schools will submit Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) to the exam boards, based on their assessment of what students have shown they can do, enabling them to progress to the next stage of their education, training, or employment.

A range of documents relating to the TAG process can be found attached below including our Statement of Intent and guides to the overall TAG process from Ofqual and JCQ.

Teacher Assessed Grades appeals update July 2021

We have been fair and positive in our grading process based on the evidence that students have provided across their mock exams, assessments and coursework if applicable. We have put into place a very robust system to ensure that no one has been disadvantaged. 

Please note that information about the appeals process is now available. To ensure that we remain objective and to continue to apply our fair grading approach to any appeals, we cannot accept any appeals in person. If you wish to make an appeal please complete the GHS Centre Review form which can be found attached below. Please email the completed form to our appeals email address: appeals@greenford.ealing.sch.uk. There is not an option of making an appeal in person to the headteacher or any member of the school staff.

You may find this JCQ grading summary infographic useful in outlining the TAGs process.